CHARLOTTE, NC — A Charlotte man is now $100,000 richer thanks to a hankering for coconut and orange juice and a winning scratch off lottery ticket purchased at a Circle K on Central Avenue Sunday.

Jorge Dominguez Santos bought the $4 million "Diamond Dazzler" scratch off ticket on a whim while paying for his juice, he told lottery officials Monday in Raleigh when he arrived first thing April 2 to claim his prize.

"I just figured, ‘Why not?’" Dominguez Santos said.

"The prize was the last number I scratched," Dominguez Santos said. "I saw the ’36’ and ’36’ and knew I won something. I kept scratching slowly and saw the number ‘1’. I thought, ‘Okay. Maybe I won $100.’ I kept scratching, and I couldn’t believe it. I started screaming I was so excited!"

According to lottery officials, the take home from the $100,000 winnings is $70,507 after payment of required state and federal taxes. He said he intends to use the money to buy a new home.

The Diamond Dazzler scratch off game, which costs $20 a ticket, began in September 2017 with three $4 million prizes, six $1 million prizes and six $100,000 prizes. So far, two $4 million prizes, two $1 million prizes and two $100,000 prizes have been claimed.

Photo courtesy of NC Education Lottery

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